Broken Toys

by Cha Blasco

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Written by Cha Blasco, Johan Roos Högberg & Linnea Sigurdson

Cha Blasco - keyboards
Linnea Sigurdson - vocals

Adrian Benavides - sound design, arrangements, programming & synths

Mike Day - live drums & arrangements


Written by Cha Blasco & Johan Roos Högberg

Cha Blasco - synths & keyboards
Johan Roos Högberg - vocals
Adrian Benavides - synths & keyboard, sound design & additional arrangements

Michael Weaver - saxophones, clarinets

Thomas Blomster - woodwind/brass arrangements

Mike Day - live drums
Scott "Gusty" Christensen - additional engineering

BROKEN TOYS (Drescher und Wemmser Spindelstock Remix)

Remixed by Drescher und Wemmser
Drescher und Wemmser is:
Alexander Paul "Drescher" Dowerk & Christopher Jan "Wemmser" Herb

BROKEN TOYS (Alter Der Ruine Remix)

Remixed by Alter Der Ruine
Alter Der Ruine is:
Michael Treveloni, Michael Jenney, Tamara Jenney



released June 19, 2016

Produced by Adrian Benavides, Mike Day & Cha Blasco

Engineered by Adrian Benavides, Mike Day, Scott "Gusty" Christensen & Cha Blasco

Recorded in Olofstorp & Umeå, Sweden; Austin, Texas; & Denver, Colorado.

Mixed by Adrian Benavides & Mike Day at Bilderberg Music in Austin, Texas
Mastered by Mike Day & Adrian Benavides at Ace Media Productions in Austin, Texas

Cover Design & Art Direction by Ritxi Ostáriz





all rights reserved


Cha Blasco Gothenburg, Sweden

producer, composer & sound designer

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Track Name: Broken Toys
My friend, when you had me
The sweetest thing
We lit fire and melted
Rules were disobeyed

Making a fool of anyone who claimed
The right to say our names
They didn't know, how could they know?
How could they know?

But what am I sayin'?
You got to go
We lit fire and melted
You got to go

For all the reasons being
But you could not see
For all the human beings
That you could not be

You could have lied

All the broken toys you hold
All the damaged goods you store
All the words you tried to say
all the truth you dared, but failed
Let it go, let it drift away
Let it drift away, away

Track Name: Could It Be (The Family Tree)
Could it be this work I'm taking
Pulling round the ferris wheel is a
Postcard from a fairground aching
The joy that it could not bring

My hands beating the drum from you
Let go this beating of my drum
My hands beating the drum for you
Let go this beating of my drum


I know we've been speaking of virtue
I know we've been speaking of truth
But I'm not the one to over on destiny
And shake some leaves of the family tree

(My hands beating the drum from you
Let go this beating of my drum)